Please ensure you have the latest update installed on your mac.

Apple has released an update on 28th of November 2018 containing a breach that allows anyone access your laptop with administrator rights with no password. (For more technical info google “root flaw mac os sierra”)

The most recent update contains the fix for that issue. Here is how to fix it:

Only applies to Mac OS Sierra users.
1. Make sure you have up to date backup of your data (Always needed)
2. Check you mac os version Apple Sign (Top Left) > About.
If says Mac OS Sierra, if not you’re safe… no need to proceed.

3. Go to Apple Sign > Run your updates by clicking apple sign > Software Update..
4. Hit update against update suggestion, follow onscreen instructions
5. Have your peace of mind that your mac is secure now as it has always been!

Article author,
Andrei Sergheev
Technical Consultant at the Liontech Solutions